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make it work, no matter what

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Even though it gets hard, the journey is always worth it.

I’m certainly going through a rough spot, financially and career-wise, too. SO very excited to say I’m making moves with my stuffed monsters as a business, and they are small, but it’s something! And everything else, derby, boyfriend, and home life (minus brother, but I’ll get back to that.) are going smashingly! I’m doing GREAT in derby as of recent, and bf and I are doing really really awesomely. Seven and a half years, and we are still in love. Who would have known? But, (there’s always a”but”) working at HL full time has taken its toll on me, and opportunities have arisen! I couldn’t pass it up when my derby wife hooked me up with a connection to a local frame shop. So much awesome in a small part time gig like that! However, boyfriend has yet to pick up a job…since graduating in December! Whoa. It’s been really hard, but he’s making moves, and all I really want is for him to try. C: once he does get that J. O. B. I will more than likely drop HL all together. I’m done with that dumb-assed place.
On a side note, that I am trying SO very hard to not count on, but I really want to, is brother may finally move the eff out of here! Woot! He says he would still help pay rent to help me out if boyfriend and I stay, which I think we need in order to get our bearings straightened and work this shit out! That would be amazing, but I can’t get excited and start planning to take over his room. Not when we will need to plan bills.
It’s so hard to budget, and, well, live when he’s so close. It’s weird now. I don’t want to still be living with my brother, and I just don’t know if he would ever move out unless we moved out first. Ugh. But I can’t think like that.
Just gotta keep swimming, and think of all the bright sides. C: I’m amazing, and a genius, and I WILL make this work!


Finally reached a plateau in my life, and it’s a really good one! I can’t believe that at 25, I’d have a lot of my life on a really great track!

As of this point:
- I graduated in December 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art.
- I’ve started a few websites, but have been selling more and more of my stuffed animals thanks to word of mouth!
- Landed a sweet gig doing title insurance—along with a better paycheck, and less stress, I’m getting an IRA and benefits!
- I started roller derby in January of this year, and have still been going strong. (And my boss knows I’m on the roller derby team, and will STILL pay for my benefits! =D)
- I am still so very lucky to have my wonderful novio, Michael to keep me sane. In February of next year, we’ll have been together for 6 years!!!

And while I’m still trying to find a way to move out of the college house I bought with my little brother,(I’d prefer to rent my room out to one of my brother’s friends so that they are all still in college, and I get to make money…) I’m the only one in the house that isn’t still going to school, and I at least get along SO much better with two guys than I did with just one other girl. Sheesh! Too many hens, right? BUT, the good thing is, even as it gets harder, it makes those good times soooo much even better. =)

So, my goals for now are:
- Stick with roller derby. Play in a bout. Buff up on my strategies and skills.
- Stick with my art. (I’m actually bringing the derby girls into this one, too—I’m hosting a craft night for some of the derby girls this Saturday! Two of my favorite things!!!)
- Work on buying some land with Mike.
- Pay off the land before building anything.
- Save money like crazy! (I hate being an adult, but I have the means, so I should keep up with it!)
- And take time to enjoy all the little things.

Oh, and of course, just keep moving. Just keep swimming! =)


just keep moving. that’s all i can do. can’t slow down.


yeah, things have been really terribly awful the past few days/weeks. but i think that i might have just gotten my second wind. my boyfriend’s mainly to thank for this because he just knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time to make everything better. he’s my rock, and i’m so glad i’ve got him. =) ♥

♥=this is so cheesy now that i reread this. C= i’m SO cheese. HAH!

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