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Worky Worky

The Macromedia daily grind is improving. I have a good work load now and I am finishing projects. However I am working on a number of projects that are very open ended and that makes me edgy. I have this constant feeling that I am slacking off when in fact I am doing what I am supposed to. I just have to take on more tasks without having to be asked first. I will be back in the drivers seat in no time.

43 Things Begins with work

Work has been a real challenge for me lately. This is not becuase the work load is heavy or because I don’t have enough time, but because I am lazy. I have spent months doing little more than surfing the web and maintaining the minimum workload required to stay employed. This has to stop now. It is understandable that I have been depressed and less than motivated, but it is time for me to get on the $%#*ing ball and start earing my pay.

Less Warcraft, more Flash Player.


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