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visit every country in Europe


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danyoromijn has written 1 entry about this goal

before I become 50 years old ;-)

I have already been in more than half of them (29 countries):
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom
(England and Scotland I have been), France, Monaco, Spain,
Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Greece,
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
Czech Republic, Slowakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Belarus,
Lithuania, Turkey (but actualy the Asian part of it ;-))
and Russia (Moscow), which is lying partly in Europe.

So in “West” Europe I only have to see Ireland, Iceland,
Finland, Malta and Cyprus. But in East there are still
many more countries to visit (and it looks like Europe
becomes bigger every year, since Montenegro became
independant and soon maybe Kosovo too). And does everybody
know that Georgia, Azerbadjian and even Kazachstan are
geographicaly lying partly in Europe ?
Some countries I can wait with, like Albania and Moldova,
it is really dangerous there I guess, but before I turn 50
I want to have visited them all :-) (only 16 to go…)



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