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backpack around the world

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What adventures may come...?

I love to travel, I love to hang out with my friends, I love to explore, I love camping, I love adventures – and backpacking around the world is basically doing all in one at the same time ^^

In 2005 I travelled all by myself to Spain and stayed there for a week at a friend’s place. I went there by bus, without speaking a word of Spanish – and I had to change the bus in Barcelona…(no one spoke neither English nor German, however I managed to make myself clear and found my way to the right bus phew).

But I definitely want to backpack with my friends around the world, because it’s just more fun together. I’d also like to have a far better digital camera by then, because I’d like to take lots of pictures and write a travel journal where I’ll upload the pictures I made and tell the world about our journey – and believe me, it never gets boring when I’m together with my two bestes friends, something always happens!!!

We’re all in training right now and see each other not that often. After I finished my training I’ll move to London and focus on the things I wrote down in my “Have a different life by this time next year” goal. That’s why backpacking around the world is further down on my list. Plus my friends will need a bit longer than me to finish their trainings and accomplish other things they have on their mind first. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say we won’t get to make our tour before the year 2013. But that’s okay, I got a lot of other goals to achieve in the meantime :)

...although, maybe I should think about a survival training beforehand?
(you never know…)

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