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live the moment

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I'm in therapy

Therapy is helping me to cope. I’m learning to take each moment as it comes. I’m learning to be present and in the moment.

Focus on your breath

A friend told me to focus on my breath and be aware of myself and my feelings and sensations.

So this is the deal...

I’ve realized that what is keeping me from enjoying life is my fear of just being in it.

I can’t explain things otherwise: I’m always looking for a caveat. And when I have to deal with life as it is – for me that is frustrating.

I need to reduce my fears in life. I need to rationalize a bit – and I still need to learn that this time is precious – and it shouldn’t be wasted.

My job might move me to San Francisco!

Craziness! I’m speechless right now!


A lot of this goal is oriented in Zen. I find myself drifting to past and future projections and farther away from the present. I’ve been working at it, but I still have a way to go before I acheive this goal.

Living for today

So, hokay- like in five years, we’re all going to blow each other up lol so until then, I’m looking at life like the way Jon Larson described in his Musical, Rent, “No day but today.”

I guess that means we have to forget the past, and move on sometimes- living for today- living for the moment- means seizing life, and making efforts in life to live a fulfilling life. To not worry about the future- to just be in the present, and enjoy it.

So I accomplish that by calling friends- reconnecting with people that love me- learning to toss away people that basically drag me down- and to openly embrace the day in its glory: ugly or beautiful- rain or shine. I’m not the best at it- but I think I’m getting the hang of things. Tomorrow I’m going canoeing with my dad before I leave for India… one month to go.

I’m realizing as I’m leaving my hometown and state, that this place is beautiful- it has beautiful people- not a lot to do in the middle of the hand- but hey- it’s something. I’m going to miss these people so much. So I take it day by day. No day but today.

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