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Have an awesomely different life by this time next year

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This Time Is Different

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Lot of time has gone by

and still Im into the same doomed situation. I guess for experiencing some relevant change in my life it will take 8 more years. So I would say I hope to have an awesomely different life by this time in 8 years. Hopefully this site will still be around…
and I can come and laugh about how silly I was in 2010.


I made this goal 6 months ago, i still have another 6 more. For now my life hasnt change that much. Of course 1 month ago I was feeling almost like if i was someone else. But now I came back to reality.
So what seemed to a good improvement has come down to the same old crap.
I wish that by the end of this 6 months things arent like this anymore I hardly can stand it.

Today Sunday 15th

I live with my parents, Im unemployed, go to the gym 6 times per week.
By this time next year I should be married, in college and in great shape.

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