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Went to Hatha Yoga at my gym tonight.

There was only one other lady and the instructor, so it was pretty cool.

All my mates were out drinking, but I SO didn’t feel up to doing that tonight. (That said, I did meet up with them after yoga – but only had one pint then was on water afterwards…)

I really enjoyed it though. They’ve got other yoga classes that are less meditative/holding poses and more movement-oriented, but I enjoyed this one and felt very relaxed afterwards.

I’ll try the other classes as well though, as a friend has recommended one of the instructors to me – so I reckon it’s only right to check it out.

I've signed up at the gym

Admittedly I’ll be doing a lot more than just Yoga there… but they have a few yoga classes which I’m keen on joining.

I’m pretty happy with my overall level of fitness and strength. But one area I’m really lacking is flexibility. I’m hoping yoga will help me there.

The sauna is pretty fantastic in winter time too. I’d like to try a steam room, but I’m enjoying the sauna.

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