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pay off my mortgage

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28 April 2012

Refinance complete.
This is insane: $483,500.

Okay, then; here we go!

One year later

Okay, it’s been ten months, not a full year, since I commented on this goal. Still making house payments, putting a little bit extra toward the principal, but not enough to notice any significant progress.

If interest rates drop to 3.5% we’ll probably try for another re-finance.

Newly Refinanced

Selecting a title for a new goal is always a bit of a challenge. I did a search for “mortgage” and this wording has the greatest number of participants. Good enough, then.

I’ve newly refinanced my mortgage. Due to poor financial management, after eight years I owe considerably more on the house than I originally paid for it.

Some might say that’s not such a bad thing, as it means the house is worth considerably more than I paid for it. True, it’s worth more, but since I have no plans to sell or move in the near future, the higher value simply means higher taxes.

Anyway, with all my other debts rolled into a home mortgage, finances should be easier to manage. Now I just need to figure out how to pay this thing off.

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