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TV who?

I never watch TV anymore. Goal completed? Perhaps not. I have discovered a love for DVD season sets (Rome, Six Feet Under, Gilmore Girls—don’t hate), and this is even more addictive than late-night dramas over foreign airwaves.


I hardly ever watch TV anymore. Since returning to the States, the only time I ever turn it on is if I’m absolutely bored and too tired to do something a little more ambitious, like running or reading. But even in that case I usually end up on the computer.

My stepdad said that being on the computer is today’s version of being a couch potato, and he’s not half wrong. I might be a bit of a computer-potato, unfortunately.


I miss American culture so much that I have discovered I will watch almost anything American—including terrible reality TV and post-primetime dramas. It seems that I can’t turn away, if it’s American. I do not want to be a TV junkie.

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