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... as Rome burns

I was consumed by a fiddle passion 11 years ago. I wanted nothing more than to play like Alasdair Fraser or any Cape Breton Fiddler. I wanted to play for contra dances I wanted my playing to soar. I approached it with manic zeal. I imported Laura risk down from the Bay area for monthly fiddle lessons. I went to fiddle camps. I lived in Ireland for 6 months.

Then I bought a house. Haven’t played a lick of fiddle since. I am not bitter about it. Buying the house was the right thing to do at the right time. It is just that I thought that fiddle would return. It is not that I haven’t had the time, other things have filled available time slots … like buying a sailboat.

I feel the emminations of fiddle returning to my life. Maybe the next time around I will actually learn a thing or two about rhythm.

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