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Change is Afoot

Slow change is almost invisible. It is amazing how having a goal here at 43things begins to bring about outcomes. New-found friends and deep conversations have been such a part of my world this past year, that I forgot that I had even adopted this goal.

I should probably mark this as “done,” but I like seeing it up here as a reminder. Plus who am I to say that it is complete? Maybe it gets better! I definitely feel more like a passenger than driver here; being carried along on cosmic zephyrs.


The conversations that I have now ARE deep, but they are few. It seems that many of the friends in my circle are long time friends. We know each other like family (better than family considering the state of most families). I know that if I had more probing conversational skills that we could eek out a few more topics to hash around. It just seems easier to add to the list of friends and open each other’s minds with fresh ideas.

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