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drink more water

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I might have to make a concrete goal, like strangeways (although I’m not going to try four litres a day!). I have no problem on work days. I love the distraction of the walk to the office kitchen, and the frequent loo trips, so I get through my water very quickly. On weekends, I’m pretty terrible, and I notice it too.
So, my aim is an average of two litres a day over a week, and I’m starting my week off from last Saturday. Over the weekend I only had about a litre each day, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Now it’s Monday lunchtime, and I’m halfway through my second litre.

Back on the horse

I didn’t quite get my 2 litres yeaterday, and I noticed it. I’m becoming a water-hog. I’m not sure what this will mean the next time I go hiking. I can’t carry more than about 2 litres.

My 2 litres is done for the day

It must be time to go home. It’s a shame I had to skull the last litre, because it’s going to be awkward on my bike going home if I really need to wee :)

Getting into the habit

It’s starting to become a habit, which is good. It’s not ten yet and I’ve finished a litre. I’m ready to go fill up my pint glass again.

Doing well so far ...

... but the toilet is at the far end of the building, so I’m getting sick of the long trip several times a day. And because it’s so far, I put it off, and then I have to walk funny past all the other offices. If I can do 2 litres every day for a week, I’ll reward myself by taking time to paint my toe nails. I only do it a couple of times a year, but it always makes me feel good.

trying again

OK. I kind of forgot about this for a while, but I have my pint glass on my desk, and I’m not leaving today until I have had my 2 litres. And I wont go to lunch until I have done 1.5.


Day one of the water-drinking, and I’m on my second litre. I don’t mind tap water, but I don’t like the taste if it has been sitting even for a few minutes, so I am up and down from my desk a bit.

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