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I got cast as the lead in the school play this fall. it was all going phenomenally until one of the actors in our troupe got busted for pot possession, so we were left with an empty medium-sized role on the night of a performance. we grabbed a guy with a small part because we all knew the idiot’s lines anyway, and it worked out okay. i was worried as hell, but on the way to the play, the radio station i listen to that plays literally everything suddenly played “bare necessities,” and i felt a lot better and thanked God.
unfortunately, the next performance was ridiculous and we all screwed up like the dickens.
the next day i almost cried because i was so worried of messing up again—the closest i got to crying in years. one of my dearest friends kelsey was coming that night, and a scout leader for whom i have a deepest respect. i wiped my damp eyes and read the comics. they weren’t funny.
i had to run out right before the show and buy sparkling cider for a prop, and buy the director flowers. i got there on time, but three of the cast members arrived ten minutes late. i was so pissed and anxious.
i breathed.
i breathed.

the performance was fantastic, the best one of all. I was so relieved and so happy! God I was so happy.


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