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Debra Donkel has written 7 entries about this goal

Intrinsic Value

I have a lot to say about intrinsic value. It worth living life when you see a person with a twinkle in their eye and a fire in their belly.

Clear thoughts

I am successful and driven to achieve my goal of happiness. Please shield me Lord from the evil and darkness. I keep my thoughts toward the light.

Make more money

It’s hard to feel successful when I want to make more money. Putting in my time to gain management experience and I am holding my own. I want to improve and the drive I have to excel makes me want to explode. I know I will find a way. I can do it.

The Key

When I am too effective for the present position that I have, that is when my career progress will evolve into a promotion. It will require my extreme energy and effort to excel.

Marathon #2

I am training to run my second marathon of the Palm Beaches. My ultimate goal is to run it in 3:30. It’s worth it!

My dreams came true!

Forget the old things that are behind me.
Keep my visions focused on my successful new future.
My real plans are in the making.
God has taken me from apparent failure to success.
Dream of a bigger harvest of blessings.
The gift of opportunity will arrive.

God has taken me from apparent failure to success.

For quite some time I felt like I was failing in my life. When I asked Jesus Christ my savior to lead me toward my ultimate destination, he brought me the life I desire. This destination is filled with happiness, wealth, love, peace, and never ending abundance.

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