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The time has come...

So last year I lost 2 stone in weight and was feeling great. I was doing my ‘random abs’ every day. Then I got a job back in Sales and lifestyle changes have meant my weight is creeping up and up and I am rather far from that six pack heaven! Today I am going to a weightwatchers meeting. The fact that I am getting married in July gives me the motivation to get my weight down before it creeps any more. It is really difficult when working long hours, but NOT impossible…it is just a case of being organised about my eating and exercise habits as far as possible

Back on the wagon...

Today I went to the gym and not only did I do several sets of crunches there, but I did my random abs when I got home. It hurt. But a girl has to start somewhere (I gained 4 pounds over the holiday!)

Random Abs days 3 and 4...


Random Abs day 2

Done this afternoon…had to take a shower after!

I have reset yesterday as day 1, as I missed 3 days. Would like to manage 21 days straight :-)

Back to random abs!!

I have failed to do my random abs for 3 days straight! This is because I was away visiting, and I had such a great time that I will not be too hard on myself.

Today it was back to Random Abs, although I have not been very strict on my diet. At least I did the abs though…I will call it Random Abs day 1 again…

Random abs day 10

Today’s one was seriously tough: I was hot and sweaty by the end – you had to do 4 sets!!

I am pleased that I did it as soon as it came into my inbox however, and am feeling virtuous. Especially as I ran 9.5km this morning!

Random abs day 9

Just completed! The pendulum was awkward to get used to!:

Random Abs day 8

Just completed my random abs for the day! It was a tough set today – I can feel it!

I am actually not that close to having a six pack, but I will keep looking after myself!

Random abs routine

I have been doing my random abs for several days now – got into a good routine. Just seeing the e-mail in my inbox compels me to do them as soon as possible.
I just completed todays random abs – those 60 second planks are a killer!


I have discovered an excellent website called Random Abs: they e-mail you random abs exercises on a daily basis. I have been doing it for 4 or 5 days now and never fail to complete the short work-out.

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