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drink more water

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have really been slacking off

I drink half a liter at work +2 cups of tea. Definitely poor. I hate the water at work( smells awful).

Note to myself-
1. Just get another 1/2 liter bottle and carry it to work.
2. Drink two glasses of water before leaving home in the morning.
Practise the above two for three weeks; Hopefully it will have become a habit.

The temperature was 45 C( 113 F)

And yes… I did drink a lot of water. Unfortunately today was the day my field expedition was scheduled.. I can’t begin to describe how hot it was. I was watching the gauge and when it crossed 44.8, I looked around.. It was so bloody clear what we all needed to be doing.. do what the villagers were doing. Sit in the shade panting.

I know I drank two liters over a span of 2 hours; that was besides the three tender coconut water I had.


this goal is going okay. I am yet to figure out if the quantity of water I drink is directly proportional to what the temperature is. On a cool (can it ever get cool here???!!!) day, will I still drink at least 2 liters of water? Don’t know.

Since the only other liquids I consume are three cups of coffee and a glass of fruit juice a day, I suppose I will end up consuming around 2 litres over the course of day (when it is not blazing hot).

I have decided to count this goal as accomplished if I continue to drink the bottle of water I carry to work and the other one on my return trip back home everyday for the next two months. I think I have been doing this regularly over the past 1.5 months. Anything above and beyond the two litres I would consider good. Let’s see…....

This is absurd

The temperature today was 45 Celsius (113 F), high humidity. I drink so much water to cool down. I sweat so much; the slightest movement triggers a serious bout of sweating and so I am constantly dehydrated. I think I drank close to 3 liters of water today + every liquid I was offered.

Guess this goal is gonna be one of those that will be an achievable yet distant one whereby I am constantly moving forward yet never getting anywhere.

Drinking a LOT of water

I started out hoping that my daily consumption of water would increase. But… wow few months later… I am consuming and I mean consuming so much water.

I must mention that I moved back to Chennai recently. I had quiet forgotten what summer is like in Chennai. It is only March and the peak summer months are April and May. I sweat so much that I am constantly thirsty. I think I drink a couple of gallons of water.

I am not sure whether I can with all confidence say that my consumption of water has gone up. Maybe the true test would be when the heat goes down( it never goes away in Chennai)...

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