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make home-made root beer

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there must be some puns to be made with sarsaparilla...

I have discontinued the practice of drinking soda several times. (although, evidentially, not the practice of extreme wordiness) Usually I am defeated by circumstance- a friend’s apartment with a broken faucet and a case of Tab, the advent of a crushed ice machine at the AmPm down the street, the rootbeer they have on tap at the Taquira Express in Broadway Alley. Most recently, I have been vanquished by the desire to brew my own rootbeer. Logically, I could give up soda with the knowledge that should I ever actually brew rootbeer, it could be an exception to this healthy rule. But every time I stare a bartender in the face, I decide that if I am planning for frosty mugs of homemade rootbeer, I might as well have a rum and coke to tide me over until then.


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