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Learn to play the guitar

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This is probably one of the best things that I’ve decided to do and I am enjoying every minute of learning. It feels so good to see myself getting better and able to play songs that I love.

I haven’t been practicing hardcore, but I’m staying diligent with learning and progressing.



Learned to play Warehouse by Dave Matthews Band. I love watching Dave play the guitar because of those crazy fingers :) they move so effortlessly.


Need to set up a practice schedule. But, then I’d need to set up a sleep schedule :(

Coming soon.

"Just form the chord in the air and land it." :)

Another nice reference for learning/remembering chords in the form of a 2 part video:

Part 1

Part 2

This guy is really cool and straight forward.

Hopes this helps others, I’ve been having fun with it. :)

I found this information @

Nice Chord Changing Exercise

“The key to making this work is being able to imprint an image of the next chord change, in your mind, before you actually carry it out. Let’s call the chord that you’re trying to master, the “target” chord.”


I’m gonna get started on this. Looks like fun.


I found a pretty good way of repeating a section of a song in iTunes, for play along purposes.

(Check out the picture)

I kinda forgot all about this, but I kept manually rewinding back to the part I wanted and it finally dawned on me.

How to:
Right click song>>Get Info>>Options Tab>>Adjust Start/Stop Time


Don’t forget to reset it, or else it will continue to play the part specified, when you’re trying to listen to the full song. :)

Playing along

Strumming is getting better since I’ve been playing along with the songs. Still need to practice chord changes. Can get A>G, A>D, Em>G., E>Am but still need to work on getting back to barre chords like Bm, F# and F.

Getting good sound from the barre chords, it just takes time to form them. Of couse that comes with practice.

Love the song Dancing Nancies. From my first post I wrote that it was a bit difficult for me; after practicing I can now play that song. Its just a matter of changing chords up and down the neck that I need to master (Practice).

Hoo-yah to progress.

My weeekend= strum, strum, pluck, pluck

Took yesterday off to basically sleep; all day :). Now I’m ready to get back into practice rotation.

Practice rotation:

- Start of with some inspiration: watching Dave Matthews Band perform live via downloads and/or youtube
- Practice a song
- Practice switching chords
- Practice chromatic scale
- Learn some theory

All Over the Place :)

I think it is part of my style to be doing a million and one things at a time. I think I get bored pretty quickly.

Well as far as learning the guitar I move from learning theory one sec, to learning a song, to doing finger exercises, to watching a Youtube cover/tutorial.

I think it will work for me. I’ve been working on changing chords. Instead of learning one at a time I take on 3-5, that are usually chords to a song I want to learn to play. Then I’ll move on to learning/practicing a song.

I’m having fun, so it works for me :)

Practice, Practise, Practise.

I put my guitar right by my desk. I’ve been playing everyday and I love it!

Working on:
“Crash Into Me”
“Teach You a Lesson”
“Malaguena Rhumba”

Also, I found that I don’t like to use a pick. I like strumming with my finger nail and finger picking.

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