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spend at least 10 minutes every day cleaning, organizing or decluttering

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I haven't been doing this

But I got a bug tonight and did probably a week and a half’s worth at once. :)

And I’m sure the project that I’m planning for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (complete room overhaul) will cancel out my debt for the entire last year!


I just checked and found that 28 people are currently working toward this goal! I’m in good company! I haven’t been doing this with any consistency. I’m going to pick this one up again, now that my schedule is slowing down a little now (for the most part).

Well, I suppose

Keeping track of this privately is not doing me a bit of good. I have had a few good days, but overall I haven’t done as much as I would like. I’m going to start tracking again, beginning tomorrow. I think I might use the reminder service on this goal, too.

28 Dec: 10+ mins
29 Dec: nothing
30 Dec: I suppose I could get off my lazy butt right now and do it

Giving up until the last week of January


I have decided to keep track of my progress privately.

Week 2

I had a weak week last week (heh) but I guess it wasn’t bad for a start. One of my personal rules for my goal is that it has to be something above and beyond what would normally get done that day (for instance, dishes or laundry wouldn’t count, but sorting out the sock drawer would). That makes it a little more challenging.

Sun 13 Nov – 10+ mins
Mon 14 Nov – 10+ mins
Tue 15 Nov – missed
Wed 16 Nov – can’t remember
Thu 17 Nov – 10+ mins
Fri 18 Nov – 10+ mins

On the rare occasion...

...that I make an attempt to clean, organize, or declutter, I generally make a big project of it and end up exhausted and grumpy. That, in turn, makes me less likely to want to try again next time. Instead, I’m going to try to make it a regular part of my day, and do it in small chunks instead. When I’m used to doing 10 minutes, I’ll work up to 15, and so on.

Sat Nov 5 – 10+ minutes
Sun Nov 6 – 10+ minutes
Mon Nov 7 – didn’t make it today, I plan to double up another day (uh-oh)
Tue Nov 8 – nope, didn’t make it again
Wed Nov 9 – nearing 10 minutes

Des has gotten 172 cheers on this goal.


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