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I'm going to call this done... least until winter. Then I’ll need to pull it back out again, because it will become a significant challenge to find a new routine.

Hey, if you’re reading this and it’s between the months of November and March, would you please leave a comment here to remind me to exercise? Thank you!

Just got back from a bike ride.

That should count for about 2 weeks of exercising. I’m exhausted. We rode for about 90 minutes and I couldn’t keep up with the kids!

(I’m stinky too!)

A few times

I’ve been bike riding two times in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve gone for a walk once or twice. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than I did most of the winter, so I’m pleased.


Let me think. When did I last exercise? The last time I got any decent exercise was my 9 hour marathon shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. Then there was a day in November and another day in December at work, chasing toddlers for several hours. That’s definitely exercise. I recall a couple of days in October when I had enough exercise for my muscles to get sore. Before that it was probably walking around Walt Disney World, which is also a lot of exercise. So maybe 15 days in 3 months. Not so good.

January is already looking very good on the exercise front, so I’m going to pick this one back up in February with a concrete plan.


I got lots of exercise today, although not exactly intentionally. I vacuumed several flights of stairs at the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteered—with a heavy upright vacuum, no hose attachments. It was a lot of work, hauling the thing up, one step at a time, vacuuming one half, rotating it one half turn, vacuuming the other half, then up another step… I was glowing by the end. (I don’t sweat, I glow.) Add in the rest of the running up/down/around during my shift, and then shopping at two stores for school supplies, I got my workout today.

For the next two weeks should be easier for me to find time, as the kids will be otherwise occupied for several hours of the day. I hope to go for several walks and maybe a bike ride, perhaps along with some interestingly-named exercises that were recently emailed to me by a friend.

Not going so well

This goal isn’t coming along so well. I haven’t been able to exercise at all this week, due to schedule and a persistent migraine. I’m pretty well booked up next week, and the week after that the kids will be out of school, making free time inconsistent. I’m going to have to be creative.


This one should be easy. Since I hardly exercise at all, it shouldn’t be too hard to exercise more often than I do now!

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