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be more outgoing

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I feel that this goal has been completed.

There is always more room for improvement, but I feel that I have become much more outgoing! I’m not afraid to step outside of my own world and communicate with others.

I have been quite good about

making eye contact and smiling with people in the office building. I need to continue to do this, and work on starting more conversations.

Whenever I feel good...

Whenever I feel good, I am more outgoing and generally cheery. So, the goal should really be to always feel good, upbeat, and positive! On days when I’m not feeling 100% great, I need to pretend that I am, and still be outgoing and friendly. Eventually I’ll forget that I’m pretending because I’ll be feeling better! :)

This is getting silly...

There is someone who I see at work maybe 3 times per week, and I also see him at the gym maybe 2 times a week. I need to go ahead and introduce myself! We’ve exchanged “hellos” maybe once, but I need to start a conversation! There is no reason why I shouldn’t.

I can work on this goal by:

-making eye contact with people/strangers more often
-smiling in the above situations
-be the one who starts the conversation, even about little things with people at work…the elevator is perfect practice for this because it only has to be a quick exchange!

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