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Buy Land

I’d love to buy land in Detroit! lol… Maybe that sounds crazy? I’ve never been there, but I have been seeing Detroit here and there in the news. I know they have some revitalization efforts going on, but things are still pretty bad, possibly making it an ideal time to buy.

Multiple sources of income

As I move towards thinking of how to start my professional career post-grad school, one thing I have heard time and again is that the wealthy have multiple sources of income. As I gain some money, clearly my priority is to pay off my debt by working. I also want to be open to many opportunities to boost my wealth and income. One that really stood out to me this summer was the theme of tourism/travel. I want to find a way to break into this field.

Credit card paid!!!

I just paid off my one lower balanced credit card. Feels great!!! One down..one to go! I want this one gone within the next year. Then onto my Sallie Mae loan.


I was doing the math today in my mind and, as long as I keep paying at the same rate I have been, my 2 credit cards will be paid off in one year. That’s a good thing considering my low income and high debt these days. What would be even better would be to find a better paying job and pay it down even faster!


My pay my bills plan:
-Concentrate on not creating ANY new debt. (Other than my grad school loans-and keep those at the very minimum) Do not use credit cards.
-Pay the oldest credit card first. Keep paying every month even if my sis gives me money towards her trip.
-Use my tutoring money to attack oldest credit card.
-Keep spending to an absolute minimum. Use caution on all purchases.
-Once old credit card is paid in full-move onto the remaining balance transfered card.
-Then attack Sallie Mae loan.
-Once out of grad school keep spending to a minimum and use my first years of teacher salary to eliminate student loan debt!


I’ve been grappling with whether or not I should pay off my Korea trip with the money I earned there..or if it would be wiser to hold onto the cash, since my money could be tight this year. I have decided to just pay it. If things get tight in the fututre, I will make it work. I just want to be moving forward in this goal, and not backsliding. So I will trust that I will be ok, even if I don’t keep that cushion.


Argh..I am so poor that they did not even give me a credit limit that would cover my balance. It was this whole big mistake, now Im stuck with half the balance on the old card, the other on the new one. But then again, at least half the balance is at 0%..so I guess that’s some improvement. My plan is to agressively attack the card with interest, and pay the minimum on the new no interest balance.


I transferred my high credit card balance onto a zero interest for a year card. Now I want to agressively attack that balance! I also cashed in a bond and got $215 dollars which will go straight to my credit card bill! I want this debt out of my life!!!

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