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Decrease my soda intake

I have always been unapologetic about my diet soda habit. I know it is not good or healthy, but dont care. I liked the benefits it gave me in my struggle to keep my weight down, and to hell with the health effects. But lately i am having a little pang of concern. I have always known it is terrible, but am just starting to care a bit. Id like to reduce my soda consumption. I cant say stop for real, as of now, but if any little bit is certainly an improvement. So I want to start.


Going to make an exercise log to complete everyday from now until korea.


We got a trampoline…and Ive been jumping every morning as a good start to my day! Also now that its warmer, I’ve walked from the bus terminal..It’s good exercise and saves a bus fare!


I want to re-focus on this. My new focus is to go back to eating well. In Korea, truthfully, I don’t know what I ate!!! Lol. It was delicious! Was it healthy? Was it not? What kind of food was it even??? I don’t know-it seemed too yummy to be healthy. But really I think overall the food was pretty fresh and healthy, and I didnt gain weight although I felt like I ate so much. I also had a serious GS-25 cookie habit towards the end…Luckily that didnt seem to hurt me. But after I came home I binged on really crappy food. I did gain a pound but since then, it seems the scale is holding tight so far. Now I need to rein myself back in, go back to eating quality meals. Besides the eating changes I want to add exercise. For now I want to add crunches and weights everyday (or at the very least almost every day) and a short yoga video 3 days a week. As it becomes my routine, I can add more.


I have to admit, Ive been backsliding a bit. It started with touring my friend around my city…We ate lots of junky food. Ever since, I havent been feeding myself with the finest things. I have been feeling lethargic and I don’t know what is causing what..am I feeling bad because I ate bad things, or eating bad things because I’m feeling bad? The scale crept up a pound this week, and I’m concerned it may be worse tomorrow…. I really need to get back on track :-(


woo hoo..as of this morning I officially lost 10 lbs!!!!! yay!!!!! 2 more and Im within my goal range! 7 more until Im back to my old slim self!


113. Bought a few nice dresses. Been watching style videos and trying to make an effort to do the best with what I have clothes-wise and dress prettier.


6 pounds down! 5 to go until I’m in the realm of where I want to be!


I was doing ok with eating less but now that I am sort of sad and nervous Ive been binging, and I’d bet Im up to my old weight again. I will be going to Korea soon..and I feel fat enough in the US!!! I have to get this together. I am going to buy and cook good food everyday. I am going to exercise EVERY DAY.

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