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get 500 cheers on this goal

244 cheers


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dipsomaniacalman has written 14 entries about this goal


... no takers, then, eh?




... this has definitely retarded. i am on the very verge of the old yellow faithful!



...this certainly seems to have slowed down!

perhaps i should go back to the old faithful yellow shirt?



have passed the half-way point!


thanks to all who have contributed!

‘twas tagodan that gave me cheer 250, so big thanks!



125 cheers! thankee, Gemmer for your help in bringing me to the quarter mark!

at the current rate – only 18months remain!


the big 100!

with many thanks to snowleopard i’m 100 cheers down, 400 to go. at this rate, a mere 16 months remain!


this is now...

... officially my most cheered goal! many thanks to wendy for tipping it over the edge there. many thanks, also to all the other 72 fantastic people who have cheered it thus far!

and optimistic thanks in advance to the next 428 people who will help me to achieve this! ;)



... i’ve reached the 50cheer mark! many big and cheery thank yous to rebecca and the other 49 super special super lovely people who have cheered this goal so far :).

hmmm 50 cheers in 8 weeks. some more notsocomplicated maths tells me that, given the current rate of cheering, it’ll be another 72 weeks until i can tick this one off of my list.

hot diggetty!




... mel tried to help me out on this here to absolutelyno effect. bah!


ok, so -

just got my 25th cheer on this goal (thank you to PSilver! so, if i’ve had 25 cheers (one twentieth of the cheers i need to complete the goal) in 2 months, assuming (big assumption) that the flow continues at a similar rate – it’ll take another 38 months (over 3 long years)to complete this goal. i think longer, personally, but… who knows?!


dipsomaniacalman has gotten 244 cheers on this goal.


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