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Bah! I keep baking things other than bread! My most recent creation was a banana-oatmeal coffee cake. It was quite yummy.

Last Friday, I went to a St. Pat’s Day party and my friend Susan had baked some delicious thick wheat bread to go with the potato soup. I couldn’t have the soup (not vegetarian), but I definitely ate my share of her bread. I have the recipe for it, and I think it’ll be pretty easy to make. I just need to grab a bag of whole wheat flour when I’m at the store this weekend.

My first two experiments

Adam and I both bought pretty large bunches of bananas within a few days of one another. After eating our fill of them, I made banana bread with the rest. I used a very simple recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and it turned out fantastic. The right flavor, the right texture, the right consistency… everything. I was pleased.

About a week and a half ago, I made scones (since I had bought a carton of half and half for this particular recipe, and it was about to go bad, and I was about to go on vacation, anyway). They tasted quite good, but they were a little denser than I would have liked. The recipe called for “chilled butter,” which really didn’t work very well when mixing and kneading the dough. I’ll use slightly softer butter next time.

What I really need to make, though, is just a good honest loaf of sourdough bread. Maybe soon.

I have all the ingredients...

... and I also have the coolest stand mixer in the whole world. Now I just need to devote the time to making the bread. I must admit that I’m scared of completely ruining the first couple of loaves, but that’s clearly something I’m going to have to get over if I’m going to become any kind of baker. I made my first from-scratch cake about two months ago, for my mom’s birthday, and it got no complaints.

Maybe tonight for a loaf of bread, then.

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