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pay off my student loans

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Almost there.

I’ve added this to my list mostly out of welcomely realistic optimism. I looked at the amount still due on my loans this evening (after forgetting to make a payment—BIG OOPS) and realized that it’s just a little more than my credit card was when I decided I was going to pay it off once and for all in 2005. That was a pretty painless process, and it ended in a feeling of absolute exuberance… so why not do it again? Then, besides my car loan, I’ll be debt free.

I scheduled a large payment tonight, and then scheduled automatic payments for the next several months (so that I don’t forget again). All of the scheduled payments are a full ten times more than the minimum amount I owe. That’ll show the loan company that I’m on top of this thing.

It should be paid off by the middle of this year. Hurrah!

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