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A fish with many fins has written 3 entries about this goal

Getting better!

Ooh… trading gets exciting every time and every day! I’m learning a lot from reading the trendlines, researching fundamental data, and trading from sheer instinct (I sell when there are surges, sudden massive buying).

I hope I will indeed get better through time and earn a lot more.

Stock exchange

I’ve had wins and losses… and a lot of missed opportunities. I hope I could spend more time to study how to trade well.


I started trading last week. I made 40% in 2 days! I hope it’s not sheer luck. I’ve started attending forex and technical analysis workshops and they’re producing good results.

To summarize my first few trades: I looked at the general trend, read the macd signals and implemented the trade.

Tip: Start conservatively. When I’m already knowledgeable about the technical stuff, I think that is the time to invest more confidently (yet smartly).

Lastly, educate yourself. I’m going to watch youtube videos and train myself how to trade forex successfully.

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