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11 km... after 2 years!

It took me 2 years to do this record again. I thought I won’t be able to do it again… but I did!

It started with a goal of beating my slow record of 15 mins and 30 seconds. I’m 8 seconds faster now for a 2.2 km run.

Then I challenged myself if I could maintain the speed. I lost count on the seconds but the minute hand said that I’m within the 15 minute range.

I set a goal. If I can run for 9 km, 11 km won’t be that hard.

My breathing became calm, my mind still… focusing on the nuances of my foot landing on tarmac. I noticed that through practice I became more aware of my posture and the minute area changes in the landing of the feet (e.g. if the middle feet hurt, I will try to angle my landing on the sides of the feet or the heel). Long strides can help if I need a little more push.

I was also thinking of a goal at the end of the line: a 22 oz. mango-orange-melon shake.


slow Sunday

I was about to get sick. I thought a little running would help me get better (but this is another story).

1st lap=17 minutes
2nd lap=17 minutes

It’s funny (and sad) that I haven’t figured out how to use my Suunto T1 training watch and heart rate monitor. I’m going to do it now!


1st lap: 15 minutes
2nd lap: 18 minutes
3rd lap: 20 minutes

Total distance this time is 7.8km.

Well, maybe this is an endurance sort of training. I did some chores in the morning (cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry). This may have depleted my energy reserves in the afternoon.

Next time I will try to beat my previous record of 11km.

I can do it!

my secret inspiration is Margs

Marks is a cancer survivor, my client and friend. She recently took up running as one of her fitness regimen. Now, she fell in love with it. She’s planning and training for a marathon.

My run today:
1st lap (2.2km) = 15 mins 48 sec
2nd lap = 16 mins
3rd lap = 18 mins

I will be doing this regularly. I will be better.

My other motivation, btw, was: I’d rather run than feel lonely.

This year I'm going to run regularly -- and I mean it!

My first run last Tuesday made me realize what I have been missing in my life. I am missing the balance of my life. It’s not all about work, it’s not all about somebody else, it’s not all about the past and the future… I’m forgetting about myself and the present.

The first reason why I wanted to go back to running is that I want to strengthen my lungs. I have been sick for more than 2 weeks and I have been taking what I hated to take in most: antibiotics. I wanted to detox also.

Last Tuesday was rather challenging. I had bad pacing and weak endurance. I kept running on, clocking 19 minutes for the first 2.2 kms and 18 minutes for the second 2.2 kms.

The next day my body seemed to have warmed up a lot and was actually missing the intensity.

The day after I had a long yoga practice. It’s the first practice this year and I felt rejuvinated!

So yesterday I was ready for an 8 km run. It feels so good! I want to run at least twice a week.

running with my brother

My day became ok when my brother and I had a good jog this afternoon. It was also good from my other eye that has an infection going on (running somehow “cleansed it”.

I’m no longer bummed out about Piggy’s sourness. Hope he’ll call tomorrow (but what should I say?).

Anyway, I also wanted to say that running helped me center.

My 2nd getting-back-into running again attempt this year

After 10 days, I was able to run again. This time it was better. Although I wasn’t faster, I had more endurance. I took a different route for my first 1.6 km approx run. Then I committed two 2.5 km rounds at the oval. It felt so good!

I hope I can still do this even if Piggy doesn’t want to run.

2.5 KM and stitches

Me and Khev ran at the Oval a day ago. It was fun having a running partner!

He noticed that I have a wrong feet position. It’s too wobbly. I might get my ankles hurt.

So I tried to make an effort, to be conscious of a steady foot position.

I also have irregular breath pace that’s why I always have those stitches.

Until my next run!

3 months!

I can’t imagine that I’ve missed running for 3 months! My work prevented me from doing what I love.

It was one of my most difficult run. I tried to complete the full 3 ovals but I stopped at just about at every kilometer. My abdomen would have cramps, my back would hurt. Could this be, aside from running after 3 months, a result of accumulated uric acid?

Oh well… I want to run again soon.

Back on track

I ran for about an hour and 30 minutes. It was a fairly good run—for about 8 kilometers. I maintained a good form and I should say that for some time I have experienced what they call as the “runner’s high”.

I felt so light that moment that I felt like flying. It was an awesome experience. I would love to run again!


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