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Some tools and tips to help organizing/optimizing/de-clutter one's computer

One of my most frequent problems is that I will run out of space. A few excellent space visualization tools are:
also Mindgem’s Folder Size:

Another all around great tool is Piriform’s CCleaner (, as well as getting your computer to run smoother it is great for managing what programs start up when your computer does. Disabling many of the unneeded ones will make your computer load your user account faster, and free up visual space when all of these programs aren’t popping up all over the place.

Another simple tip that is sometimes overlooked is your desktop background. Change your desktop background to a picture that isn’t too “busy”. If you find your eyes straining at all to read your icons you very well may have a busy background. Change it to something simple. Scenic landscapes are excellent. If you want a picture of your loved ones, find a picture that doesn’t has a simple background behind them, maybe even crop the picture to position it so that your icons don’t land on their face.

Maybe there are some files you don’t need anymore?
In windows 7 you can easily search for files by specific filters such as:
datemodified:‎1/‎1/‎1996 .. ‎12/‎31/‎2008 which selects all old files modified between 1996 and 2008!
or find large files with: size:>100mb

I hope these ideas can help you in the weeding out and organization of your computer!
Peace from Ahren


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