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use 43T more like a blog-site and less like a chat-room

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Am I the only one who detests the “how I did it” stories? I don’t mind them being cataloged somewhere, but having them in my face at the top of the stack every time I want to check in on a goal is really frustrating. I suspect the “super cheers” and “how I did its”, which were introduced to 43T at about the same time, did more to kill this website than Facebook and Twitter combined.

I have personally deleted all my “how I did it” stories, so I won’t be annoying people still trying to “beat my depression” or “quit drinking”. But I am so tired of reading the same stories at the top of some of my goals that I’m going to start switching goals to get rid of them.

end of rant.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned

It has been a week since my last entry.

But in keeping with this goal, I’m not getting onto 43T to chat, any more, but focusing on blogging and reading blogs. And I haven’t had anything to say, in particular, in the past week.

But I have been writing.

I finished a 31 page report on biophotics and medical imaging which, if I do say so myself, is quite a nice piece of work. That consumed an enormous amount of my writer bandwidth.

I also wrote two short pieces, or pieces of pieces, in the style of Amy Hempel, which reasonably could go under “write like Amy Hempel”, “write”, “write short fiction”, or “write a page a week.”

perhaps I have too many writing related goals?

So fear not, good subscribers. I will be writing more, and enjoying the wonderful world of 43T soon enough. Thanks for your patience.

Yours in pen,


chatting and blogging

I just wanted everyone to know that this is a new mantra for me. I’m going to stop doing birthday parties, stop answering silly questions, and stop commenting on comments that don’t need comments. I’m going to take this seriously, or I’m going to give it up, but squandering my time chatting with my (admittedly wonderful) friends has got to end.

at least for now

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