donah1007 in Indianapolis is doing 22 things including…

Clean out the laundry room!

3 cheers


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a never ending project

My brother’s girlfriend said she is going to work on this while I’m on vacation! :)

It’s going to be her Christmas present to me!!!!

slowly but surely

I’ve gotten rid of a few things. My daughter went through her barbies and decided which to keep for her future daughters and stored them in bags in the laundry room. I bought totes for them today. They will be stored in the attic. That will be a big help.


didn’t happen

the penny slots were calling my name at the casino

maybe today…..


Its rainy today so I think I’ll stay home. Sounds like a good day to work on this goal :)


I have several things in the laundry room that I want to put in the yard sale.

The sale is Saturday so I need to get through the laundry room Friday.


my friend has been working on the laundry room every time he comes over. Its looking much better :)


I didn’t accomplish this by my deadline, but I’m okay with that. I was sick for almost 3 weeks with bronchitis.

It will get done. We straightened a few things and we were able to move the litter box in there.


The whole family is spending the day cleaning tomorrow (the kids are NOT happy). This will be my project.

Ready to get this done!

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