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share some humor in my "what are you doing" line

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I don’t have time to make you all happy. Go touch yourself….

I like the long ones :)

My doctor says the bruises on my knees may or may not be related to my sore throat.


I’m scared… Hold me… With both hands… Under my shirt…


I don’t have a safe word, so if I pass out, just let me sleep it off

another long one

I spanked myself twice before I left the house today. So if you see me being naughty, chill out. I’ve dealt with it.


My beaver needs some dam wood


I still stalk you, I’m just not in stalk with you

too long to fit

I was so freaking tired this morning I could barely masturbate in the shower. Twice.


I have a strong will, but a weak won’t


I could fall madly in bed with you

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