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Comment on old posts while 43T is broken and see if people notice them

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I'll Cast a Vote of Confidence

I’m confident that soon 43T will be unbroken.

Had fun doing this (thanks, Spyrunner, for the goal)—moving forward now.

The Name of this Establishment

Here’s the Old Post Tavern. Looks like there’s live music. What’s not to like?

The Name of this School

Here’s Old Post Elementary.

Go, kids, go! Learn that stuff.

C. W. Post

Hey, Mr. Cereal Man, a descendant of yours is taking photos of cowboy boots on fence posts in South Dakota, to the delight of TechKat.

C.W. Post created Post Toasties, a knock-off of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

I’ve had both and my preference is Kellogg’s. Anyone who’s noticing this comment on an old Post care to comment on corn flakes? For example, do you write “cornflakes” or “corn flakes”?

BTW: Yes, I have no notifications. This goal lives on!

New York Post

Now here’s an old Post! Founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801. Hamilton’s on the US ten-dollar bill.

Gratitude to Old Posts

You held up the bridge for many years
Water froze in the cracks
Potentially weakening you
But you were strong
And you held up your end of the deal

Cars and big trucks
Rumbled over you
Gravel spit and skittered about
But you were strong
And because of your part,
Your very important role,
You kept us going where we needed to go

Abstract Entry for My Own Entertainment

Hello Old Post

My, you’re an old post. Like a worn out fence post holding up some barbed wire. I just might put an old cowboy boot on you and call it a day.

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