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donate to locks of love

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I did it!

I didn’t actually donate to locks of love…I donated to beautiful lengths ( because for them you only have to donate 8 inches. Actually, my friend’s mom cut my hair and she ended up cut off ten inches anyway :(
But it was a good thing to do…I thought I would cry, but I wasn’t really upset. This is definitely worth it!

good tip!

my hair is actually 15 inches. I was on the wigs for kids website (even though I plan to donate to locks of love) and I saw that they say to put your hair in pigtails because that will give you more hair. And it does! I don’t kno, u probably all thought of this and I’m the last one to announce this, like always, but it’s a good tip anyways.

locks of love

I haven’t had my haircut in years. I really want to donate it, but my hair’s never been that short. Right now my ponytail is 13 inches, but I want it to get to 20 inches so it’ll still be long when I cut it, but I think my hair stopped growing. = ( I’m hoping it’ll grow and I’ll cut it in July. I don’t know if I should because a lot of people say Locks of love only uses some of the hair they receive.

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