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doubledenny has written 1 entry about this goal

Starting from scratch.

My friend is a fitness instructor. He is obnoxious and is always standing behind me breathing heavily when I’m eating a curry. And he’s Irish and speaks in a funny accent telling me he’s going for a quick 15k run. I tell him I’ll have 15 kilos of the runs but he doesn’t laugh. I do.

Sometimes, avoiding exercise is a sport of spite.

Regardless, the last time I ran, as opposed to running away, was in school… 10 years ago. I’m still young and I realise the benefits of healthiness.

Two years ago I had a peritonitis. Basically, my appendix burst and my whole body got infected. My chest became a concern after I developed pleurisy. After a month in hospital I realised I hadn’t smoked for a month so I needn’t carry on. I haven’t. From two packets a day to zero in one day. So what’s the deal with exercising?

I guess it’s all about will power and goals. If this is the one and only entry for this goal then I gave up…

Mind you, summer’s coming and I live by the beach… BIKINIS!


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