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Have a relationship with a beautiful woman.

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So I am hopeful this actually could be happening sometime soon

Because I will be taking my Date Coaching 5-week class startig next week. I am excited about it already. I don’t know the details of every class but somewhere in the 5 weeks they set you up with with 1 date. They offer this match-making as a service, 8-dates for a flat fee. But the date coaching class comes with 1 date from that service. Also the last session in the class is an outing with the teacher where we go to a bar or somewhere and put my newly acquired skills to work.

Sad again Today

I was doing pretty well for 2 weeks but today I am sad again. Still miss my sweetie.

I have so many gifts and skills to bring to a relationship. I want someone to give my heart to. Someone to cherish.

I have a lot of skill too that I have developed over the last 20+ years.
The book Truth in Dating talks about how many people, perhaps most people, compromise on getting what they want in a relationship. But it takes honesty and a willingness to risk to really go for it. I am wondering where the author is going to next take this point.

I know for many years I acted as if I couldn’t get or didn’t deserve the kind of relationship I really truely wanted.

But I am changing that now.

Starting with Myself

So the key to achieving this is to enhance, improve and expand my relationship with myself. Its always been pretty good but I also have areas I need to improve.

Reading the book Truth in Dating is what I am doing right now. I am truly inspired by it.

Pretty Sad Right now

I have to say I am pretty sad today. Still miss Dora a lot. I am moving forward with getting on with my life but I still have moments like these.

I woke up this morning with a dream still fresh in my memory.
In the dream Dora’s youngest daughter (age 17) ended up in jail for killing someone. When I got up I did an online search of the Seattle area papers for a story and found nothing.

I have done a fair amount of dream work and will give this one some thought.

I think what I most want is to give my love to someone (besides my daughter, that is). I believe I can do that with someone else but the thought of the work getting to that point seems overwhelming.

The Pain is easing

The pain of losing my sweetie is easing now. Its been about a month. I still miss her, still want her, still don’t understand why my love, my committment to her isn’t enough. Still don’t understand why she, or anyone would turn away from that. I have a hunch and theory about it but it would be some consolation to hear it from her. But of course, that will never happen. Not ever. I see now that I am still bitter about it too. Maybe that will pass with more time.

I had one but I lost her

I can’t believe how incredibly painful this is. My heart aches and aches.

Must Grieve and Let Go

Well my girlfriend and I broke up this week. I was sad and mad at first, mostly just sad now. Still a bit mad but not at her. Mad that I will be going back into the dating game.

I won’t go right back into it. I will let myself heal over the current loss first.

Ah well, this is where faith comes to the rescue. Much like the old western movies where the cavalry came riding over the hill in the nick of time.

Honor the relationship now

Live in the present moment as much as possible. Its okay to have dreams for the future but don’t let them rob you of the experience of the present moment.


Find the beauty in everyone.

Openness and Intimacy

The purpose of being open is to make the connection that makes the “we” without damaging the “you” or “me”.

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