dove1dove in Little Rock is doing 43 things including…

be more confident

25 cheers


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dove1dove has written 29 entries about this goal


I’m creative in my own strange way.


I’m a dog person. I love animals. Mostly dogs. My dog is truly part of my family.


I have great eye sight… hopefully it will last long into my older years.


I don’t smoke.


I’m a hard worker… when at work.


I’m a good kisser.


God walks beside me. Hopefully He uses me more than I notice.


I am starting to appreciate the color of my skin. I am very, very pale- and skin cancer runs in my family, so it is dangerous for me to tan. But I’ve come to terms with that difference in me, and I’m starting to really find it beautiful. And when I’m old- I wont look like leather!


I am a perfect height. Not too tall, but not too short- Most guys are taller than me and I can still wear heels.


The freckles on my body.

dove1dove has gotten 25 cheers on this goal.


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