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Weighed myself at the gym last night .....

and I’ve lost 3lbs. Whooo-hooo thats 10% of my target!


So far I’ve devoured a banana and an apple had two cups of coffee and a tea. I hasten to add I never have milk or sugar in my tea or coffee.

Lunch a can of Chicken in a white sauce. Okay the protein is probably good for me but the calorie and salt content of the sauce certainly wasn’t.

This afternoon I had one of those liquid yoghurts, 250 calories.

Today really isn’t a good day for my diet as I’m also off out for dinner later with a friend.

I’ll do my penance in the gym tomorrow morning.

Went to the gym last night for the first time in 14 months.....

and got weighed :o( I turns out I’m heavier than I thought I was :o(( I’m 100kg or 220lb or 15 stone 7lb. I’m determined to lose at least a 14lb by the end of November as I have a race to run

My diet so far today ...

Breakfast was a 25g breakfast bar weighing in at 89 kCal. An apple mid-morning. A tin of french onion soup 355 kCal and a bread roll (probably about another 100 kCal). All washed down with 3 cups of coffee. For dinner I had chicken with vegetables in a tomato sauce with a slice of bread (note to self: cut down on the carbs) followed by a sweet of apricots and yoghurt.

I've made a pact with JC

We’re both going to get together for a day in November (we’re very lucky if we get to see each other once a month) and we’ve both made a pact that our diets start Monday (17 August 2009) and that we’ll shed a few pounds by the time we meet.

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