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dragonfly35 in San Diego is doing 19 things including…

Take better care of my appearance

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I'm still not that good at this

but I’ve definitely improved. I’m teaching often enough (four days a week in yoga classes) that I’m much more aware of “upkeep” of my hands and feet in particular, and I’ve also gotten myself some more teaching clothes. I’m a bit more conscientious about getting my hair cut in a timely manner. I need to more regularly take care of my skin, but in general, I feel much more presentable these days. I think I’ll go ahead and retired this goal for now.

Redid my nails again

but honestly did a pretty bad job. I’m trying to be careful and make them look good but just haven’t been that successful since the first time. I’m not very good at this!

At least I’m keeping my hands and feet looking passable for class. I’ve been steaming my face the last couple of days because it was breaking out after using sunscreen on it in Yosemite, but I didn’t have the oil with me to use. It needs a good treatment tonight or tomorrow.

I did get a fantastic haircut! My stylist did an exceptional job this time.

This has been sliding in a bad way

since I’ve been so busy. Redid my toenails today; I didn’t do as good a job as I did last time, and I need to throw out the first polish I tried to use, but it turned out fine in the end. Definitely would not be mistaken for professional, though. I’ll try again soon.

I also pampered my fingernails a little.

Still being very spotty about remembering the other aspects of hand and foot care and about my skin as well. (Luckily, my skin isn’t too spotty. Just my skin care.)


seems to have become my “vanity day” for various reasons. Tomorrow I have my teaching demo so this week I was extra careful with the pedicure. Honestly, I usually rush through putting nail polish on my toes, figuring no one will notice, and it doesn’t look very nice. Today’s isn’t perfect – there are some minor flaws and I wouldn’t charge money for it – but it is much nicer than my usual. I also took the time to trim and buff my fingernails and put on cuticle oil and lotion.

Still really am not doing the OCM on my face and it shows that I’m not. If I have time this evening, I’ll do it.


So I accidentally spent some money on a new bag. It wasn’t a lot of money – only $20 (though that seems like a lot this month). But it falls under the category of taking better care of my appearance… right?

Doing slightly better

with taking care of my feet and to some degree my hands too. C and I joke that I dropped out of girl school. It just seems like there are all these womanly skills that others have learned that I don’t have a clue about like how to put makeup on properly or exactly what bag you’re supposed to use for what occasion. Ha ha! I never went to girlie parties or read girlie magazines and I don’t have older sisters and my mom isn’t girlie… I’m guessing these are the ways everyone else learns these things, but I just never got that part of my education. :D

Anyway, I’m trying not to spend too much money or buy products I don’t really believe in but still “look the part” as Tarrador says. I’m learning little by little, and it turns out most of the modules of girl school are available for free online these days.

One thing I need to do more is to do OCM on my face more regularly. I can really tell when I’m not doing it, and it’s cheap and fast and homemade, so there’s no reason not to other than pure laziness.


I got a haircut. I removed the nail polish from my toes and really took some time pampering my feet. Was going to reapply polish, but I think I’ll leave them without for now (for reasons of time). Still, they look way better. (Good thing, since I’m teaching a yoga class in the morning.)

I don't like

other people touching my feet, so I’m reluctant to get a professional pedicure (not to mention having to pay for it!) I think it would be good to treat myself to some supplies so I can do a better job of this at home myself.

Any favorite home pedicure products, folks?

At yoga yesterday, I was thinking...

I really do need cuter yoga clothes. For teaching. This pushes my buttons in the worst way.

You know, I realized on my last trip to the mall why I don’t like shopping. It activates all these deep longings in me. For someone who doesn’t like shopping, it may be strange that I have recurring dreams about shopping. In them, I’m always finding the most beautiful clothes that look awesome on me. Then again, that probably isn’t strange at all. The two are probably directly related; in fact they’re probably the same thing. Deep down inside, I still want to be someone I’m not… and I’m attracted and repelled by that at the same time. And honestly, growing up, I never had the “right” clothes, and that hurt me. People tell me now they love my style, but I never fully got over that,I think.

Anyway, I hate to spend money on clothes because I don’t have that much of it and clothes are so expensive. I usually get them cheaper at thrift stores or Ross or the like. But for yoga clothes, there’s a look here. To some degree, you can’t cut corners in the same way. There are certain brands that have a certain weight. I hate it, but it’s true. It’s part of looking the part.

I suppose I will resolve this issue in the end, one way or another.


painted my toes today. I really don’t do that great a job, but they look better with polish than without, I think, if they’re going to be showing.

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