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Take better care of my appearance

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This is a weird goal for me...

It’s almost like saying “be more vain” ~ which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do in general in so many ways. Recently, I’ve become very comfortable with how I look and less insecure, which is a good thing, but as a result, I’ve stopped spending time and money on improving my appearance.

As a teacher, people look at me all day. Generally, I have the clothes to look professional at my ESL teaching job, and I don’t think I should need to wear makeup or spend more time doing my hair to look professional. Ironically, I think people care more about my appearance as a yoga teacher. Also, as a yoga teacher, parts of my body that are hidden when I teach English are exposed to view and/or are more salient to my students.

I don’t actually want to start being vain or insecure about my appearance, obviously, nor do I want to be someone I’m not. I do want to be better about some basic maintenance things, especially keeping my hands and feet looking presentable, putting oil or lotion on my legs when they get dry, and doing OCM more regularly again. Also, making sure I have appropriate clothes, shoes, bags, etc. for all my jobs and getting my hair cut before it starts looking too shaggy.

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