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It's almost like I jinxed myself...

Three days after I marked this goal complete, I got a message from the woman who runs the studio where I was teaching 3 times a week. She said she had to close the studio on short notice as she had to get it inspected for asbestos and didn’t want anyone to get sick. It was less than a day before I was due to teach a class – and she sent me a text to tell me. I asked her if the students had been notified – she said yes, but I think they actually had not. Anyway, I put up a temporary cancellation on my website and Facebook page. She said they would inspect that week (9/10) and keep me updated. She also said she would leave my check (which was late 10 days, not unusual for her though) in the studio.

My check is not there. (She owes me for 9 classes, probably not a lot of money but $60-75 I think.) I’ve sent her a number of messages asking about the check and studio and haven’t heard anything. She has always been disorganized but generous – she has paid me late quite a lot, but usually pads my check and is very generous with the use of the space. It would be weird if she was doing an about-face, but I was getting the sense that she had taken on too much and wasn’t that crazy about running the studio part of her business anymore. This might be a convenient way for us to say goodbye. (Hopefully after she pays me. Eventually.)

Today I’m going over there to remove all my props from the space. (I have a key, and I’m actually hoping she won’t be around because I’m quite annoyed and don’t want to deal with her.) I bought hundreds of dollars of supplies for that place, and I want to have them in my possession. Class will either start up there eventually, or it won’t. And I’ll either get paid, or I won’t. Luckily it’s not that much money.

I’m not keeping the times open for her classes unless I hear from her. Hoping to pick up a few more classes – I don’t like teaching just one class a week (and assisting one, but both on Sunday). It feels like a really long time between classes. I do have a new class starting up on Friday of next week, and I know I’ll pick up classes at the studio where I’ve been subbing eventually, since I’m getting good feedback there. Might be time to get my resume out there, as well.


My business is evolving. I am finding new opportunities to work and earning more money through teaching yoga. I’ve also subscribed to a newsletter about growing your yoga business, which is interesting food for thought.

I feel like at this point, I am achieving the success I want. I will continue to re-evaluate and adjust my business all the time, I think. The next question, as I wrote in my last post, relates to how long I continue teaching the classes that are not bringing in money and/or how I change this situation to make it work better for me.

I think, though, that this goal has served its purpose and I am trying to cut down on my active goals so I can feel more focused and less overwhelmed. It is time to mark this goal done, although I may still post to it from time to time.

I'm really enjoying

subbing at the new studio. I’m contracted to sub meditation and Gentle Yoga, and I’ve been taking on quite a few extra classes and having really positive experiences. They pay slightly less per class than the other studio but have an opportunity for bonus pay if the classes are larger. And the classes do tend to be larger. Even as a sub, I find the studio brings in lots of students and the classes are generally the biggest I’ve taught anywhere. I enjoy working with these students too. The studio tends to attract students with certain interests, and it is a good match for me in spite of certain things…

My other studio class is going well – classes are still small, but bigger on some weeks. I’m not sure how to build interest in that class. I do have some students who come back week after week.

My classes at the fitness place are still really small. It has been such a struggle there, and I have some dedicated students but just can’t get the numbers to grow. Neither the owner nor I really likes marketing. We both have good intentions but are inconsistent with follow-through. And she has been very focused on her martial arts classes, bringing an instructor down from SF on weekends and having him living in the storeroom at the studio. It has definitely made an impact on the “sacred” feeling in the studio, which is weird because they are the ones who did the ritual cleansing there before starting classes. The guy smokes and left a plastic bottle with his cigarette butts in it sitting out in the studio last time, there is food and coffee sitting out (which smells), and there is kind of a disregard for my personal props, which are stored in the studio… I am a little annoyed, to be honest. Oh, and she always forgets to pay me. She is still really generous and overpays according to our contract, but it is always late, also.

I have a couple of choices with regards to that space. I can continue as I am for a while. My Sunday class there is still my favorite class to teach, I have various options open to me in terms of how I can run things, and I have great students, all good things.

I can continue to work there but switch to a rental agreement. This is a financial risk to me, for sure, but depending on the terms of the agreement might not actually be worse than things are now and I would get my money. I should find out what the terms of such an agreement would be, and whether there are options to switch the times of the classes.

Or I can admit that I have outgrown this experience and move on. I may do this if I start picking up a lot of regular classes at the other studio. Nobody would be surprised. I imagine I would take my students with me, and that would just be how it is. Maybe.

We’ll see…


I think it’s really important for me to take a break. I’m glad I’m taking nearly three weeks off, though I’m a bit stressed about it too because in general, it’s not the best thing for me to take that much time off at this point in my career. Hopefully no harm done – I’m well established at the one studio where the classes are being cancelled for three weeks, so hopefully there’ll be a resurgence of interest when I return. The sub for my assisted classes shouldn’t be a problem. It’s really just the other studio that’s stressing me out – normally, I think they’d prefer not to have me gone for three weeks in a row at all, especially early in my time there, and I’m not really established well. (On the other hand, I don’t have a loyal returning clientele, so at least I won’t be losing anyone by not being there.) It’s maybe not that bad, but I’ve had difficulty communicating with the owner (some issues with emails not going through, etc.) and in general I’m worried about the irregular attendance in that class anyway. I think it’s fine – it’s my wedding after all, so there’s nothing that can be done – I am going away.

In the fall, I’ll have to settle into my new schedule and really think about whether I can handle the number of classes I’ll be carrying. At the moment, I should have Friday and Saturday off, and I’d like to keep it that way as much as I can.

Today's developments

Signed a contract to sub meditation classes at one of the studios. Was not immediately able to pick up hours because of my upcoming vacation, but it will hopefully bring more work – and new challenges – soon.

Owner of the studio where I’ve been contracted since October hosted the local business association meeting and asked me to come to a little 10-minute yoga demo. It was a weird experience and I’m not sure it will really bring any students, but it got me/ us some exposure and most of the people were good sports.

My class this morning was cancelled though… Business is so slow lately…

There's been a slight uptick

in business this week. We’ll see if it amount to anything.

K wants to cancel my classes while I’m gone. I agree with her – they’ve been so small anyway. She wants to try to create a “want” while I’m gone and promote like crazy. Like me, she often has good intentions regarding marketing & both of us do a poor job of follow-through in this department. Anyway, it will be easier not to have a sub and to start fresh when I return.

I will get a sub at both other studios. Wrapping up the loose ends now…

Good news, I think

The other studio (where I did my training) has agreed to put me on the sub list for Gentle classes. I have not acquitted myself well there in demos, so I’m lucky to have this chance. I have a meeting to find out more tomorrow. Hopefully this will lead to my picking up a regular class there eventually.


Both weekday classes this week were cancellations because no students showed up. I don’t mind the morning class as a general principle, but it hurts to get up at 5:45 on your summer vacation to teach classes that are your main source of income only to find no students there. I think it is Murphy’s Law of running a business that as soon as I was relying on yoga teaching for income, my student numbers dropped off.

It has been about a month now of low numbers. I’ve only had 13 students for the entire month of June. For a while I was getting close to that every week. I’m tired and not sure how to proceed. I can start dumping fliers into the community, but I haven’t had a single student walk in from this method of advertising and it costs money.

Hmmmm… J from the other studio is coming to my class on Sunday to observe. If she likes what she sees, I hope I can pick up some classes at a second “real” studio. I am on the fence about continuing at my main place, even though I feel proud of what I’ve built there and am invested (love, time and money) in the program. I will see what works with my fall schedule. I’m considering dropping the morning sessions and just doing my Sunday class, maybe trying some new times. I heard that K is hiring another yoga teacher to start next week, someone I know through the studio where I did my TT. I’m not sure whether she senses I’m on my way out, or what her rationale is for hiring another yoga teacher. I’m not sure whether it will help or hurt to have both of us there.

I guess it can’t really hurt given that nobody is coming to my classes right now…


Class has been really slow lately, and I’ve been feeling off my game for some reason as well. I’ve come to know these ebbs and flows of teaching yoga. I hate marketing, but I really need to get over it and get out there. I’ve been getting helpful email digests about building a business, specifically targeted at yoga teachers. I know that I am blocking my own success in certain ways, so I need to face that and move past it.

First class cancellation

in a month and a half. I’ve definitely entered one of those dips in attendance in the past week or so, but overall am doing better. I’m nervous about promoting my new class. If I can’t get the numbers up, it may be canceled so I need to get students to attend. It’s tough being new.

All in all, things are improving but the pace is glacial.

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