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replace my laptop

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The last few days

I’ve had computer problems with it spontaneously shutting off. It happened on Thursday (in the middle of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day) and then again last night. I tried to back it up today because it was scaring me, and it shut off twice during backup. Spent nearly the whole day trying to get it backed up and scanning it for problems. I was unable to solve the problem and it hasn’t shut down while I’m just using the internet so far, but it doesn’t seem healthy and happy.

The good news is that it motivated me to buy a laptop. I am surprised to announce that I purchased a Dell Inspiron 14Z. I did not have good experiences with my last Dell desktop computer and swore I wouldn’t get another Dell, but the truth is that I don’t have that much money and this computer actually got excellent reviews for its category and looks like good value for the price. I have to admit to what I can really afford, and I don’t need to many bells and whistles since I mostly just use it for word processing and internet. Hopefully the computer will work out well for me. I got free shipping and it’s supposed to arrive by the end of next week. Kind of excited about having a new computer!

It's time

I don’t know where I’ll find the time and money to do this, but I’m starting to have more frequent issues with my laptop. It’s more than four years old now. I’ve had very few problems with it over that time, and nothing happening right now is that serious, but it’s definitely not functioning as well as it once did and I would like to update it when I can.

C has offered to pay half as my Christmas present (he bought me a gorgeous shirt originally, but it didn’t fit), so that would help a lot.

At least I didn’t lose my class and get laid off. :)

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