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Break my half-marathon PR

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New PR

My new half marathon PR is 1:47:53.2.

I will break 1:45 next time. I’ll pick a flatter course!

PR or PB - whatever

I grew up saying PB (personal best) but now I mostly hear PR (personal record). I thought it was a dialect thing, but I wasn’t sure. I was nerdy enough to look it up, and it seems like there’s some disagreement on the matter.


I ran my first half marathon in 1:49:15. I didn’t expect to beat that in this coming race for several reasons. The course is hillier, and I was in worse shape when I started training.

However, my training times have been fast, my 15k was fast (and it was also hilly), and I’m uninjured (so far – touch wood!), whereas last time I was battling plantar fasciitis and getting lots of ultrasound treatments at this point in training. I figure it’s worth a try. If I don’t succeed in this race, I can always give this up until my next half.

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