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Do some form of exercise everyday

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Oh boy do I ever

Yep, I do some form of exercise everyday. Now that I’m working, I’m always on the move and then some…lol. On my days off, I’m out in the yard or walking. When I get a regular schedule going, I’ll add more walking.

I'm Still At It...

Yep, I’m still at it. I’ve been walking everyday since May the 3rd plus I’ve been doing bicep curls for some strength training almost everyday since about a week ago….GUN HOOOOOO!!!

Added Strength Training

I’ve been walking everyday since May 3rd. Today I added Strength training to my routine. I am starting out with 3 lb weight and doing bicep curls. Today I did 80….YaHooooooooooooo!!!

More walking

Most of my exercise is walking, but I’ve decided to start doing some weight training…need to tone some muscles in other places.

Walk some, then walk some more

Today I out did myself. I don’t even know where the energy came from. I was burning the pavement and walked 5.2 miles..Whew! I’m feeling good. I can & I will succeed!!

4 Miles

Today I walked 4.1 miles. My goal is to work myself up to 10 Miles.
I can…and I will succeed!!

Day 13 - keep on walking

I’ve been do at least 3 miles plus the last 3 days (including the 6 I did yesterday). I’m feeling good and fully intend to increase my walking every few days until I hit 10 miles.

Day 12 - 6 miles

I took on 6 miles and I won!

Day 11 - walking in the rain

2.2 miles

I tried to take my walk before it rained. Guess what? I didn’t make it…lol. I walked a mile away from home and down it came. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. It was awesome! Kind of felt like a kid again playing in the rain. I was soaked to the max when I got back home but it was worth it.

Day 10 - Walk, walk, walk

Yesterday I put in 2 miles of walking, plus an hour & 45 minutes of yard work…I’m staying active!

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