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Use all of my "cheers" every day

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And I'm done!

I’m calling it! I did it for a whole week and I liked cheering lots of people, but I was obsessing. I still look forward to cheering you all, but this is no longer a goal :)

One more day!

One more day, and I can give up! Woo-hoo! I love giving cheers, but I am spending too much time worrying to make sure I use them all. It’s a good excersize, but I will be glad to complete the goal tomorrow. Cheers to everyone!


Damn, these are hard to use up! Every time I make an entry or a comment, I get more cheers to use up! I think I’m going to do this goal for a week, and if I use them all up successfully, I’ll stop obsessing about it and consider it a completed goal. I’ll still give out cheers, of course, but I won’t worry about using them all. Look, I’m about to get another cheer to use…

Yay us!

I want to make sure people feel encouraged to complete their goals. I know it really helps me to see that people have seen my goals and that they are cheering for me. I want to do the same for the other people here. So, yay us! I used up yesterday’s, here I go to use today’s!

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