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First Step (Colorado)

Mark and I have to get fingerprinted and then send the cards that we will receive from the police out to CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) and the FBI for crimial checks. Then we’ll have to wait for the checks to come back before we can proceed with anything else. It can take 12-18 weeks for the criminal check to come back from the FBI. What a pain, but I know it will be worth it to have our new family name!

It's time!

Mark and I got married in June. He has never liked his last name, so we decided to find a unique name that fit us as a couple/family. We decided Foxsparrow was pretty awesome. It’s a really tenacious, orange-breasted bird unique to North America. We announced the change at our wedding, but now we need to complete the paperwork to make it legal. We both introduce ourselves as “Foxsparrow” and I go by it at work, but we really need to make it official.

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