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So I've been away

in another part of my life which didn’t make me so thrilled. 43 Things, as I’ve said before, has pretty much saved my life and taught me how to make obtainable goals and then kept me on track.

I’m making some fun life changes the next few weeks… the least of which include a short term life plan in order to get into the Graduate school of my choice and spend a few dollah’s doin’ some traveling.

I’m going to work on that this month. my 19th birthday is this saturday. I’ve done a lot in my time, and there’s a lot i want to do before I hit 21.

I added stuff...

It’s just that. There’s a ton I want to doooo and if I have it on the list I can’t lie to myself as much.


I’ve decided to try to polish off this list as much as I can. It’s really the ultimate list for now. Currently I’m working on having more dinner parties, writing more, running a half marathon, going to more concerts, and anything school related. Travel wise, I’m on hold until I know about graduate school. Still, I think that I can do this list. It’s really not unreasonable, but it’s about making decisions and commitments.

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