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Its been hot here, so I’ve taken to walking around shirtless. It cuts down on the sweating a bit. I’m getting the occasional smile and even a “hi” or two. I don’t know if this is related or just a new outlook.


Since I’ve been practicing twice a week instead of once this is coming along nicely. I work in push-ups, pull-ups and crunches on off days as well.


I’m getting back on top of things and starting to look awesome. Not quite “ripped” yet, but definitely close.

I had to tone down my exercises a bit because I tweaked my left elbow a bit during Jujutsu practice. I went easy on exercise and now my elbow is working pretty well.

Rather than working on increasing sets and repetitions I’ve been focusing on form and adding a new exercise, one handed pushups.

One handed pushups are much, much harder than regular pushups because of all the extra balancing required. They also work my latissimus dorsi much harder.


I think its time to start working in situps now. Even though pullups are the most difficult part of my routine my abs get just as tired as my arms.

3 Weeks

I’ve had the pull-up bar that long, and have worked my way up to 18 pull-ups and 40 push-ups broken into 4 sets (5, 5, 4, 4 for pull-ups, 10 each push-ups).

My arms and back are beginning to look pretty impressive immediately after exercise and I’m getting definition in my abs even though I haven’t started doing sit-ups yet. My chest doesn’t seem to be increasing as rapidly, but pull-ups and push-ups don’t work it out as well as other exercises would.

After I’ve rested enough my muscles don’t look nearly so impressive, but my arms are noticeably larger.


After a week and a half a bit of definition is starting to show up. I’m still switching my grip around on the pull-up bar to work different areas. Most of my post-exercise soreness is in my shoulders and upper back, which feel much more powerful.

Yay pull-up bar!

It came in on Monday, and I’ve already managed to over-stretch what I think is my latissimus dorsi. Mostly I need to get those muscles loosened up.

Pull-up bar incoming

I bought the Door-Gym, and it should get to me the 18th.

Forced break

I’ve been forced to take a break.

First by giving platelets, which hit me extra hard.

Then by hurting my elbow doing Ripped-making pushups.

Then by getting some weird illness.

Maybe next week?

Rock Climbing

Today I took an intro to rock climbing course through UW with Angi which covered safety instruction and provided a 2 week membership to Vertical World.

It was totally awesome, and I’m glad I have at least some muscle from all my pushups and sit-ups. The wall still totally thrashed me.

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