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Learn to clean, load, and shoot several types of guns

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Today I shot:

  • Glock 9mm
  • .38 Special
  • Springfield Armory 1911A
  • .357 Magnum

I was most accurate with the Magnum with five rounds in three inches, but it was also the gun I took the most care shooting. Focusing on the front sight and aligning with the out-of-target focus gave me better results than focusing on the target and aligning out of focus sights.

The Glock had a nice, light trigger pull, but was so light I was very unsteady with it. The 1911 was heavy and steady, but the trigger pull was so hard it was difficult to shoot straight, I kept twisting my wrist down and to the left.


Today I woke up before the sun and drove South to a shooting range between Sumner and Orting to shoot clay pigeons out of the sky with a twelve-gauge shotgun with my dad and my sister. I managed to hit about five of them, but wasn’t actually counting.

Shooting flying targets with the shotgun was much more challenging than shooting stationary targets with a bolt action rifle. You don’t have time to line anything up in the sights so you’ve got to go by feel. Having a magazine was nice, but I didn’t count rounds the first time I was shooting so I’d forget to reload.

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