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Meditating twice a day has been less of an unusual thing lately. Now I’m on holiday so I have more time and up until Christmas I was getting home from work late afternoon so I had time to do it then. As of January I’ll be working afternoon and evening hours so it seems likely that I won’t be able to fit the evening meditation in. Kind of a shame but I’ll still have time most weekends. I can see meditating twice a day as being an ongoing goal for me for the rest of my life. But as long as I’m doing it once a day, I’m happy.


Yay! Last week I had three days in which I meditated twice a day. My evening meditations are always much more settled than my morning ones, which is one reason it’s important for me to get them in.

On Saturday I came home from a slightly stressful lunch with the in-laws (it wasn’t stressful because of the in-laws; it was stressful because of the other guests, my bf’s cousins, who are very difficult people and spend most of the time shouting at each other) and I must have been exhausted from the experience because when I sat down to meditate I immediately fell asleep and drooled all over my top. Lovely.

Also, I’ve got two days’ holiday coming up so hopefully I’ll be able to get some extra meditation sessions in this week too.

Twice a day

I’ve been meditating for years and it’s pretty unusual for a day to pass in which I don’t meditate, but I would like to be doing it twice a day instead of once. I practice TM and it’s recommended that you do it twice a day for twenty minutes, morning and evening.

At the moment, however, I usually only manage to get the morning one in. This is because my working day usually starts at around one or two and finishes at eight or nine so those early evening hours are not really available to me. The ideal hour for me to do it would be at around five. If I do it much later I just fall asleep and miss out on having an evening!

This goal is important to me because the way I feel meditating twice a day is dramatically different from how I feel doing it once a day, both during the actual meditation and afterwards. I really release a lot of tiredness and feel infinitely more settled and centred.

My working hours are going to stay the same until the end of June and then I’m moving to London in mid-July at which point I’ll need to find a new job. So things could change. Until then I’m at least doing my utmost to get two meditations in on weekend days.

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